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Mission Plan

"Agita Jinx mission is to provide various art services such as works of art, creative wellness art courses, creative digital content, and creative/entrepreneurial help to beginner small business owners and artists. Additionally, I want to do my part to provide hope, empowerment, and collaboration  through the creative process to anyone who desires to participate in the creating and healing process. "

                                                                          -Chelsea Pennington

About the Concept

The production side of the Ajita Jinx art compony began the summer of  2012. Chelsea Pennington, the owner of the single member LLC Agita Jinx began art commissions to generate her main source of income. Summer 2020 , Chelsea was given seven weeks furlough by her company and she began officially branding and developing the creative wellness concept and idealogy that she wanted Agita Jinx to represent.


Agita Jinx.





   Chelsea Pennington began her inquiry of various forms of expression at a very young age, beginning with the fine arts.  At age five she began formal art classes with Southern Oregon's realist Artist Vacianna Berry, where she acquired the technical foundation to her technique. There she learned the fundamentals of shading, proportion, and overall eye for detail.  Vacianna had a large influence on the realistic styles found in her pieces. As Chelsea moved on to the public school art curriculum, the abstract art she was exposed to and the guidance of Hidden Valley High School's art teacher Julie Bickle, Chelsea's art style continued to evolve and her technique and skill progressed.    

    Chelsea Pennington has explored many mixed-media including oils, acrylics, airbrush, graphite, charcoal, pastels, watercolor, clay, photography, computer graphics, ink,sculpture/building, dance movement, and music; her favorites being ink , watercolor, and dance.
    Pennington currently works at an aircraft repair station where she works as a Manufacturing Engineering. Her goal is to mesh her artistic creativity with her engineering capabilities and knowledge to innovate the world around her.  She aspires towards helping others understand herself as well as the people around her through artistic expression and ingenuity. 

Chelsea's love for the human form has fueled her current focus in portrait artistry, dance, and music.

About the Artist

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